Autumn is the month of harvest. So help this bear harvest as much food as possible before winter.

Work on the field and get as much crops as you can during the autumn, because when the winter comes, there will be no time to harvest anymore.

Move: W/A/S/D
Action: LMB (Left Mouse Button)

Stand near a plot and click on it to plant a seed. After planting, water, and wait to harvest.
BEWARE of the crows. They really like to eat crops. Just walk by to scare them away.

After getting you crops, you can sell it to get money and buy move seeds, hoes and scarecrows. U can use scarecrows from the left of the screen if you have any

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Very cute game! I took me a while to get all the rules and how to do things. An actual buy button would help understand how the shop works, instead of having to click on the item pictures. Plus i did nut get how to put up scarecrows. A little tutorial screen at the start would help to fix this.
Overall a very cute idea and a pretty good gameplay loop- Just needs more explanation.


hi, thanks for playing, the scarecrow button is on the left side of the screen and its quite easy to notice